About :

Antamerica started in 2011. Years active: 2013 – Present.
Political band from South Africa.

Current members: J. Hassim Guitar / Vocals, Dirk Cornelius Smit on Drums & Shakir G. Hoosen on Bass.

Different from other bands, namely use sonic abilities to convey a message; Not happy with the way the world is and desiring to express this disapproval with the global disorder through music.

The band name ‘Antamerica’ is a conjunction of the negation-prefix ‘ant’ as in ‘the opposite of’ and ‘America,’ the country that we most of us of the global community have identified as the bane of our very existence, i.e. the primary cause of all the woe man suffers. Make no mistake we have nothing against American culture or people, in fact most are as much victims of the oppressive system over them as the rest of the world is, especially the poor and middle classes, humanity is a brotherhood. To reiterate NOT “Anti-American” but rather against all forms of harm, mistreatment, exploitation and oppression. Be they against man, flora, fauna and possibly any other creatures.

Bio :

So our story begins like many do, with a young man buying a guitar on a ‘spur of the moment’ impulse. His mother lent him some cash back on ’04 and he bought one at the closest Cash Converters. A Behringer starter-kit would you believe? So began his toil to learn the chords of an infamous newbie-tune “Smoke On The Water,” initially somewhat deterred by the “what the hell is wrong with you” response to the guitar purchase – from closest friends and family. Feeling conflicted he did not touch the axe much for the first four months or so, then inspiration struck in a dream having received the first notes of what is now known as “Sufi’s Dream,” a guitarist was born! Now more or less around ’05 or ’06 the opening intro of “The Deceiver” is composed in his mind, still being quite terrible at guitar and cause of great annoyance and irritation to those around him – progress is slow, it wouldn’t be for another five years that the song is completely composed.

Looking onto ’09 when skill is honed and the desire to form a band becomes strong but still none share the values of the growing ever-more frustrated guitarist, so begins a series of unfortunate classified ads via gumtree, musolist and junkmail which yield no winners but ample messages of support. Never the less the years creep on right into 2011. At this time several songs are written and the process of recording the material begins. From there artwork is introduced in-line with the political intent of the future group.

Meanwhile in ’09 Dirk started out learning guitar and eventually moved on to Drums, he then joined a South African grunge band called ‘Sharpeville Massacre’ and was with them till they disbanded in circa November 2011. He then went through a difficult point even having to sell his drumset to pay the bills… …In 2013, quite unexpectedly someone answers the call, a drummer, in Pretoria! Can this be? It is!

Indeed this is where another member of our band makes his entry into our tale, within roughly the same period an old school friend is visiting and decides this is what we ‘need’ to be doing! Shaakir, a brash lower-middle class Muslim boy, from a particularly rough neighbourhood called Eersterus, not expected to listen to A-Ha, Depeche Mode or Duran Duran. Alas, he liked what the masses did not, refusing to take to the mould of his ilk. Fast-forward to a budding bassist, in a unique band, ready to rock your mind.

Thus ‘Antamerica’ came to be. No one was ever that fond of the name but it is what it is and so they are.


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